I am stepping out this year.  Out of my comfort zone and into the great unknown.  I am expecting BIG things.

What happens when doubt or fear start to creep in?  Check your Solar Plexus.  Are you plagued with self-doubt?  Are you always second guessing yourself?  You may need to get this chakra in balance.

Seven Main Chakras
Seven Main Chakras

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel.  Aligned along the spine, they are the energy centers of the body.  There are seven main chakras; each corresponds to different areas and organs of the material body, fueling it with life force.  The flow of energy through our chakras influence our spiritual, mental, emotional, physical health and well-being.  When energy flows freely through the chakra system we feel connected, supported, and in tune.  If the flow of energy is impeded, we will feel disconnected, drained, or out of sorts.  Physical ailments may manifest.

The Solar Plexus, also known as the third chakra, is where the ego resides.  It is what or who our mind perceives us to be.  This chakra governs our sense of self, our personal power, self-esteem, our vitality, and will. Located approximately two to three inches above the navel, the Solar Plexus is where the energies from our environment and from people around us enter in.  Have you ever had that ‘gut feeling’ something or someone just wasn’t right?  That’s your Solar Plexus warning you.

Someone with a healthy Solar Plexus will often feel a sense of purpose. They are self-confident and optimistic.  If the third chakra is out of whack, symptoms may include low self-esteem, isolation, depression, frustration, doubt, indecision, pessimism, anger or aggression.  Physical ailments such as stomach problems, indigestion, and ulcers may also signal an imbalance.  Bringing this chakra into balance, can help the healing to begin, and give your confidence a boost. For more… Balancing the Solar Plexus