Another Body, Mind, Spirit Expo is in the books for 2018, and I feel as though this was one of my best shows that I have attended. Our booth was a little snug so I did not offer any healing sessions, but what I did get to do is talk more individually to each guest coming through our booth. We discussed one of the biggest misrepresentations out there, and that is the difference between real Selenite and Morocco Selenite aka Satin Spar. There was a lovely lady in Raleigh who suggested we start using our new tag #SeleniteTruth. Knowledge is power.

As an unexpected side effect of the tight space in Northlake, I was able to hear so many great stories of how our Selenite has helped our guests and how they have incorporated it into their home, office, or classroom. Some of our guests had questions about other stones but I had limited information on these stones which has led me to embark on this #CrystalJourney. I hope you can join me on my #CrystalJourney and we can learn together and raise vibrations one post at a time.

Thank you all who came out to Northlake BMS. It was great to see you. I’m headed back to Texas and will be back on here soon. Be blessed. Spread Joy. Look up.

~Love & Light always~


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