At the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo show in Northlake Joey and I were wandering around talking with the other vendors when he found a vendor by the name of On the Rocks (located in Chicago). I would check them out if you are ever in the area. Great people. Beautiful stones. Our intention was to find our first stone for our crystal journey so Joey started checking out stones. The stone that he selected was Angelite, which is a trade name for Blue Anhydrite which can be found in Peru. Joey selected that stone and I thought it was a sign from source, and Joey, that this is where our crystal journey should begin.  

A little bit of Science

Anhydrite is a rock-forming mineral, anhydrous calcium sulfate (CaSO4) that is a common mineral that can be found in salt deposits, such as cap rocks above salt domes as a dehydration product of gypsum. It is a 3.5 on the Mohs hardness scale and Its color range from blue-violet, white, pink, brown, or gray. (King, 2005)

Crystal Therapy

Blue Anhydrite aka Angelite resonates with the Throat Chakra because it aids in communication. This stone can help us to open up and release grief and anxiety. It helps releasing blockages and accepting the truth which brings us to peace and forgiveness. It is also a protective stone so it helps to energetically protect you from negativity, fear, and anxiety.

Angelite also works to remove fears with calming energy that increases faith and serenity. It also can be used for astral travel and angelic communications. The Archangels that are connected with this crystal are Haniel and Raguel. (Virtue & Lukomski, 2009, p. 94).

When our Throat Chakra, which is our fifth chakra, is out of balance it will greatly affect all the other chakras because our throat chakra helps to express our personal truth and voice emotions. The Throat chakra is our connection to the outside world. When our throat chakra has a blockage we may be reluctant to express the truth or we may struggle to communicate clearly, truthfully with those we interact with. It can lead to physical symptoms in the body such as thyroid, throat, mouth, neck, teeth, vocal chords, ears, and nose issues.


Meditating with crystals can help us achieve specific goals when meditating. They are powerful tools when it comes to connecting with source, guides, and our higher self. During meditation you hold the crystal in your left hand, which is our receiving hand, and draw the healing powers of that stone to you.  

Angelite is great stone for meditation because it is calming stone that can help oneself reach a meditative state more easily. Angelite connects you to your guides and the angelic realm. Simmons, Ahsian, & Raven (2015) Communication and communion with beings on higher dimensions are Angelite’s special gift and this makes the stone useful to those working on developing clairvoyance, psychic attunement, and spiritual healing. Angelite can assist users when receiving spiritual guidance for oneself and others. 


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