At the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo show in Northlake Joey and I were wandering around talking with the other vendors when he found a vendor by the name of On the Rocks (located in Chicago). I would check them out if you are ever in the area. Great people. Beautiful stones. Our intention was to find our first stone for our crystal journey so Joey started checking out stones. The stone that he selected was Angelite, which is a trade name for Blue Anhydrite which can be found in Peru. Joey selected that stone and I thought it was a sign from source, and Joey,Read More →

I am stepping out this year.  Out of my comfort zone and into the great unknown.  I am expecting BIG things. What happens when doubt or fear start to creep in?  Check your Solar Plexus.  Are you plagued with self-doubt?  Are you always second guessing yourself?  You may need to get this chakra in balance. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel.  Aligned along the spine, they are the energy centers of the body.  There are seven main chakras; each corresponds to different areas and organs of the material body, fueling it with life force.  The flow of energy through our chakras influence our spiritual,Read More →